Laguna Condo Puerto Rico - Office Vacation Condo
Island Welcome to Puerto Rico!
Affordable Extended/Short-Term Rental Solution
With The Comforts Of Home

Spacious 2BD/1BA Condo with Office
Laguna Condo Puerto Rico is your destination in Puerto Rico if you are in the market for a safe, quiet location/office base with the benefit of a family-friendly, corporate condo -- all staying within your business operating budget.  Quiet. Our clients enjoy a fully-equipped office with an all-inclusive, fully-furnished 2 bedrooms, 1 bath condo that will satisfy all of your business and accommodation needs.  This condo is sought by many working professionals because it offers a secondary office environment from which to work from on a daily and on-going basis in Puerto Rico and a comfortable place to go to unwind at the end of the day -- all at one affordable rate.
Gated Community
Designated Parking
We hope to see you again and again!
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