Laguna Condo Puerto Rico - Office Vacation Condo
Welcome to Puerto Rico!
Affordable Extended/Short-Term Solution
With The Comforts Of Home
Spacious 2BD/1BA Condo with Office
Laguna Condo Puerto Rico is your destination in Carolina, Puerto Rico if you are on the lookout for an executive, corporate condo with an office -- all staying within your business operating budget.  We offer daily, short term or long-term lease options with all the amenities from home.  Our clients enjoy a fully-equipped office and an all-inclusive, fully-furnished 2 bedrooms, 1 bath condo that will satisfy all of your business and accommodation needs.  This
condo is sought by many working professionals because it offers an office environment from which to work from on a daily and on-going basis and a comfortable place to go to unwind at the end of the day.
All at one affordable rate.
Gated Community
Designated Parking
We hope to see you again and again!
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